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A Benchtop Jointer is used to flatten bent or twisted lumber board until the surfaces get flat and the edges are shaped straight or squared. Owing the best benchtop jointer will help the carpenter to enhance the appearance of wood without making too much tear. As there are different types of jointers like table top jointer, portable, etc. are available in the market. So choosing the right machine can become a confusing task. To help you in this, we have build a guide on the most sought jointers today with all the necessary information. It will give you a clear idea in selecting the ideal one.

Best Benchtop Jointer


PORTER-CABLE PC160JTPorter cable jointer PC160JT is designed for smaller scale edge jointing that can work on the material with a maximum width of 6 inches. This machine does everything what company promises to the customer. The machine is robust, sturdy and does cutting job smoothly. One can easily make fence adjustments to get a proper cut. The product comes with a manual which contains all the information on the portable jointer which is very useful for the user.

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT 6-Inch Variable Speed Bench Jointer comes with these following features:

  • The jointer comes with the 10-amp variable-speed motor to cut material of any size of hardness.
  • Get sufficient support for accurate edge jointing with 19.75-in L x 4.25-in W center-mounted fence.
  • Porter cable jointer 2-knife cutter head for an easy cutting process.
  • Built-in cutter head lock makes knife replacement and adjustment easy.
  • The blade replacement is super easy to do with the built-in cutter head lock.
  • It has an extra-large table to support the stock and work with ease.
  • The porter cable jointer comes with a three-year limited warranty.


2. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX Benchtop Jointer

JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDXDo you have a small space but the work requires a powerful benchtop jointer? JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 6-Inch is the best benchtop jointer available in the market today. It is powered by a heavy-duty motor of 1-horsepower that does 6,000 cuts per minute which means you can do more work in less time.

JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX BenchTop Jointer comes with these following features:

  • A great benchtop jointer/planer that comes with a compact design and sturdy body.
  • For getting an accurate cut, the extruded fence can be easily angled to 45 degrees.
  • Adjust the height of feed table to reduce the snipe and support while working on long pieces.


3. POWERTEC BJ600 Jointer

POWERTEC BJ600POWERTEC BJ600 is a table top jointer that works accurately and gives a great result with every use. The jointer comes with a dust collection bag which helps to keep your table clean even after hours of work. POWERTEC BJ600 is easy to assemble and works great without making any additional adjustments while working on wood.

POWERTEC BJ600 6-1/8-Inch Bench Jointer come with these following features:

  • The outfeed and infeed table are made from cast iron for long life.
  • The cast iron fence can get tilted to 45 degrees for bevel cuts.
  • There a safety power switch lock to ensure the machine doesn’t get started accidentally.


4. Delta Power Tools 37-071 MIDI Benchtop Jointer

Delta Power ToolsDelta Power Tools 37-071 benchtop jointer is the most sought woodworking tool by carpenters today. The company is known for creating tools designed for wood works, and every machine delivers precision cutting. It has 1 7/8 inches of Aluminum Cutterhead Diameter. It can be stopped at 90 ̊ and 45 ̊ to get a 1/8-inch depth of cut.

Delta Power Tools 37-071 MIDI comes with these following features:

  • The cast iron body of bench jointer to provide stability and durability. Also, it reduces the vibration when a heavy lumber is processed.
  • The machine is designed to give precision and accuracy is long term.
  • Cutter head speed is 10,000 RPM and gives 20,000 cuts per minute.


5. Cutech 40160H-CT Spiral Cutterhead Jointer

Cutech 40160H-CTThough this spiral cutterhead jointer may look pricey compared to other products, this jointer is perfect for professional use. With its upgraded design, Cutech 40160H-CT has 12 2-sided inserts for achieving an excellent finish with a maximum reduction of the tear. With 2 ½ inches of dust port, all the wood chips get collected reducing the mess on the table.

Cutech 40160H-CT Six Inch Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer comes with these following features:

  • A Powerful 10 Amp 120V motor for doing all kind of heavy carpentry work.
  • The Spiral Cutterhead with 12 HSS Inserts is designed to give excellent finish with less tear.
  • This bench jointer can be tilted to 90 to 135 degrees.
  • With to 4 3/8-inch-high by 19 5/8-inch Fence, the bench jointer can be tilted to 90 to 135 Degree


6. Shop Fox W1741 Benchtop JointerShop Fox W1741

With its robust design, the Shop Fox W1741 8-Inch Benchtop Jointer had a fully adjustable fence, alterable knife design and freedom to tilt the jointer to 45 degrees for a precision cut. This bench jointer aims to work faster and doesn’t require any special adjustments to get the desired work done. There is a mini impeller that sucks the wood chips away to dust port, so you get a cleaner place to work.

Shop Fox W1829 6-Inch Benchtop Jointer comes with these following features:

  • Shop Fox W1741 has 3 horsepower, 220V, 12 amp motor which can easily process thick lumber.
  • The Cutter head speed is 5,350 RPM
  • Specially designed two-knife HSS cutter head provides 21,400 cuts per minute.
  • The 4-inch dust port clear of dust keeping the working section clean and tidy.


7. Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-inch Benchtop Jointer

Grizzly G0725

This is a single-phase cast-iron table with much to offer to the user, which is why it is Amazon’s Choice in its category! Let’s find out its features:

  • The motor is single phase, 110 V, and 1-1/2-HP.
  •  Its cutter head’s speed is 10,000 RPM, which is pretty good.
  • The mounting base measures 19.5i inches x 10.5 inches.
  • The outfeed table is not adjustable, but the input table can be adjusted based on preferences.
  • It has a very sturdy and solid construction.
  • It is reasonably priced and gets the job done.


8. WEN 6560T in. 10 Amp Corded Cast Iron Benchtop Jointer

WEN 6560T

The WEN jointer is popular for being reliable and fast. It has a 10 amp meter that works to provide up to 20,000 cuts every minute. That’s quite impressive! What are its other features? Read on.

  • The jointer comes with a dust port, push stick, filter bag, and a push block.
  • The base is made of cast iron. It is very sturdy and does not move at all during usage. You will also feel no vibrations whatsoever.
  • The table measures 6.25 inches x 28.5 inches.
  • It is adjustable. You can move it in any direction up to 45 degrees.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty


Get the right machine

As we already mentioned, there are many bench jointers available in the market. So, whether you are a professional woodworker or hobbyist, our given benchtop jointer reviews will help you in choosing the right woodworking tool which will be practical and pocket-friendly. We, hope that with this data, you will be able to buy a jointer that will help in pursuing carpentry projects.

Comparison of Best Benchtop Jointers

 JET 708457DXKCutech 40160H-CTDelta Power Tools
Motor Voltage
115 V115 V120 V
Number of Knives
Cutterhead Spead
6000 RPM
11,000 RPM10,000 RPM
Max. Depth of Cut
1/8 Inch
1/8 Inch
1/8 Inch

How to Use a Jointer?

So, you got the best jointer for your woodworking project. But how will you use it to get the best output, especially if you are a beginner in the field or doing some DIY tasks at home? Check this quick guide to know how to use a jointer comfortably.

  • First, you need to setup your machine. Make sure you set the blades at the same height.
  • Adjust the drive belt, fence, depth of cut, etc.
  • Follow the user guide to set the tables parallel to each other.
  • Make sure to check the jointer bed’s width and length to know how much size of lumber you can pass through it.
  • Now, analyze the piece of wood you are making straight. Mark the concave side and hold it down on the jointer surface.
  • Then make the face flat with the help of the outfeed table. Use push blocks to hold the face and push the wood block through the cutter.
  • After that, start doing edge jointing. This sequence is necessary to maintain the safety and quality levels.
  • You should always remember to take precautions when you are working on any machine.
  1. Wear hand and eye protectors. Keep the safe distance from the spinning knives.
  2. Take help of the push sticks/blocks to hold and pass the lumber through the machine.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and take help of a professional if you don’t know how to use the wood jointer exactly or if you are doing it for the first time.

It’s obvious that more cutting head width means more expensive jointer. Generally, the 6 to 8-inch jointers are used by the woodworkers. The height difference between the infeed and outfeed tables helps to measure the depth of cut. This guide may not make you the master of woodworking, but it will surely help you to have the desired work from your jointer machine.

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