Best Benchtop Buffer – Top Reviewed Bench Buffer Polisher of 2019

Smooth finishing of any wooden piece or metal one adds to their beauty. Many people like to make all such pieces at home or polish on their own. People just like to polish such pieces after using sandpaper to sand the surfaces. But to get a glossy finish and make it look like a new one, it is recommended to use a benchtop buffer. This tool has two buffing wheels on its end. As the name suggests, the device can be mounted on a sturdy surface or table and start buffing the pieces.

Best Benchtop Buffer

The buffing wheels work efficiently in polishing the surfaces and giving it a shiny finish. If you are a fan of that sheen of new articles or wooden pieces, then you should definitely invest in a good benchtop buffing machine. There are many affordable and durable alternatives available for the same. To make it easy for you to find the ideal one for your use, I have made a list of all the best benchtop buffer available easily online. Go through this list and select the one that suits your criteria and budget the best.

1. XtremepowerUS 12HP Electric Polisher Benchtop Buffer

XtremepowerUS 12HP Electric Polisher Benchtop BufferPowertec heavy duty bench buffer tops the list when it comes to the best performance for polishing or buffing the surfaces. The benchtop buffer uses a powerful ½ horsepower motor that delivers topnotch and smooth performance. It can be easily mounted on any hard and even surface for working with it. This buffer has a single speed option only, which works well for all types of materials. The buyers of this product are quite happy and satisfied with the quality of it at a reasonable price point. It can be clubbed with other accessories to give a shiny finish to the metals and pieces of different metals.

Key features:

  • The base of the buffer is made from cast iron that helps in reducing the vibrations and keeping the buffer stable while operating it.
  • The size of the maximum buffing wheel is 6 inches and the arbor size is ½ inch.
  • It can be used for polishing and giving a smooth finish to metals and other metals.
  • The buffer is quite convenient to operate due to its extra-long ball-bearing shaft.
  • This benchtop buffer comes with two nuts, four flanges and two buffing wheels.


2. Central Purchasing Benchtop Buffer

Central Purchasing Benchtop BufferAnother excellent option for the people on a budget and looking out for a premium quality benchtop buffer is this 6 inches benchtop buffer from the brand of Central Purchasing. The buffer has 6 inches long buffing wheels, which work well for polishing wood, plastic, and other types of metals. The motor with ½ horsepower makes the tool more efficient and also helps in buffing or polishing heavy-duty materials. One can easily mount this buffer on their working station and set up the machine in less than five minutes.

Key features:

  • It has easy access to switch the buffer on and off.
  • The cast iron base of the buffer aids in reducing the vibrations caused by buffing or polishing the surfaces.
  • The machine shafts are supported by the extra-long ball bearings making it user-friendly.
  • The maximum speed offered by this single-speed buffer is 3600 rpm.
  • It comes with wheel flanges, spacer and cloth polishing wheel.


3. Goplus Benchtop Buffer

Goplus Benchtop BufferYou should go for this alternative if you are searching for a sturdy yet lightweight benchtop buffer. This buffer is suitable for buffing items made from aluminum, plastic, iron, or any other precious metals. Its affordable price point and durability has made this alternative come up on this list. The cast iron base of the buffer reduces the noise and also controls the vibrations caused while operating this machine. It also reduces the risk of damage that can be caused due to heavy vibrations. It works efficiently and there is no loading capacity so you can buff heavy pieces too without any worries.

Key features:

  • The heavy-duty motor of the buffer with ¾ HP provides high power for the machine to work efficiently.
  • The buffer has precise shafts that are supported by the long ball-bearings making it more durable as compared to the other options.
  • As the buffer comes with two buffing wheels, one can work with two kinds of polishing or materials at the same time.
  • It can be easily switched on and off.


4. Jet Variable Speed Buffer

Jet Variable Speed BufferYour search for a variable speed buffer ends here! Jet Variable Speed Industrial buffer is one of its kind in this list. This benchtop buffer comes in a massive cast iron body that is sturdy, durable and of excellent quality. The design of the buffer is engineered to ensure the safety of the users. This full iron cast buffer has a motor of 1 HorsePower to provide superior results. It also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The tool is ideal for polishing or buffing metals and other elements for commercial as well as industrial use.

Key features:

  • The buffer is built according to the guidelines and electrical requirements of the CSA/cuts certificate.
  • The high power motor of the buffer can go to zero from 3600 in less than twenty seconds, making your work quick and easy.
  • The buffer is equipped with rubber mounts that prevents any movement of the machine while using it.
  • The bearings of the buffer are pre-lubricated and enclosed.
  • There are brake resistors installed in the tool to enhance it with the rapid wheel stoppage property.


5. Rikon Low-Speed Buffer

Rikon Low-Speed BufferThe last alternative on the list is this Rikon Low-speed buffer. It is unique as unlike other benchtop buffers, its speed is comparatively low, which is helpful in polishing and buffing the surfaces properly. It works effectively for jewelry, rocks, plastic, hardware, plastic and other metals. Many buyers have also used this buffer for keeping their furnishings free of rust and in an excellent polished condition. The long shafts give buffer a sufficient space for maneuvering the pieces properly. If you want to invest in one product that can work for multiple pieces, then this is a steal for the deal.

Key features:

  • The benchtop buffer works on a powerful ½ HP and delivers top-notch performance while buffing or polishing the furnishings.
  • The buffer comes with 8-inch wide buffing wheels that work well with all kinds of metals.
  • It is also suitable for maintaining the sharp edges for chisels and blades.
  • The maximum speed offered by the benchtop buffer is 1750 rpm.
  • The spiral sewed cloth buffing wheels are positioned to give the perfect finish to your wooden or metal pieces.


Concluding Remarks

One can find many buffers, but finding the right one is essential. I hope this list helps you in finding the ideal benchtop buffer and makes your work easy. However, if you are a beginner and don’t know about the buffers much, then refer to some videos to get the basic knowledge about the same. You can also ask your fellow friends doing the polishing work at home to get a general idea about the process and the alternative that will serve your purpose. Lastly, don’t forget to check the specifications and warranty for the product before purchasing it.

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