Best Budget Jointer Under $500: Top Rated Jointer for the Money

The woodworker or carpenter make use of jointer and find it an essential tool for their woodworking task. If the piece of the lumber is bent, twisted or misleading, then you can make use of jointer to flatten the wood. The jointer will provide uniform shape to your wood.   

It is sure that whether you are the hobbyist or professional woodworker, the jointer contributes a lot to make your woodworking task smooth and convenient. In the market, you will get various types of the jointer. If you are planning to buy jointer under $500, then here I will introduce the products of the same so that you can buy best budget jointer as per your choice and preference.

Let’s start the journey to explore the ideas about jointer under 500.

Best Jointer Under $500

1. PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6″ JointerPORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6 Jointer

Porter-Cable presents PC160JT variable speed 6” jointer for leveling, face jointing, edging or trimming. The setup is comfortable, and the tool is durable. You don’t have to fuss with loose joints once you get in touch with this great unit. You will get the value of your money.

  • For the size and hardness of the material being cut, you can select the right speed due to the speed range of 6000-11000 RPM.
  • You can easily replace and adjust the knives with the help of two knife cutter head with the arrangement of jackscrew knife leveling.
  • The knife replacement and adjustment is simplified by making use of integrated cutter head lock.
  • Up to 6” full the surfacing gets to stock up, and the extra-large table supports sufficient amount of work.
  • You can enjoy accurate edge jointing because of center-mounted fence that offers support all over the cut.

This tool is painless and quick to use. The feature of speed control will make your woodworking task manageable and simple. Per minute the cutter head speed ranges from 12000-22000 cuts. For material’s size and hardness, you will enjoy the appropriate speed.


2. Gino Development 01-0102 Joiner with Carbide Tipped BladeGino Development 01-0102 Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade

This is real power biscuit plate joiner offered by Gino Development. The flexible material is used to make the parts of this tool. In your wood, you will get the excellent biscuit slot if you set the device correctly. It enjoys the lowest price.   

  • It features 11000 RPM, and at 120V/60 Hz the motor runs along with 1010 watts of AC power.
  • It holds the cutting angle of 0-450 and 0.55” is the maximum cutting depth.
  • One 4” 6T C2 tungsten carbide tipped blade is included.
  • For extremely strong T-joints, Miter joints, edge-to-edge cuts and butt joints you will find it quick and easy biscuit cuts.

If you are looking for the equipment that provides easy cleanup, then go for this product as it holds the dust port along with dust bag. You will find the modifiable fence that makes your woodworking task convenient. At 0,10 and 20 biscuit sizes, the specific depth stops.


3. Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop JointerShop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer

Shop Fox presents benchtop jointer of 6” which will help you to achieve precise results. It serves as the grand jointer with some quality control issues. For the price, you will find the excellent construction. In case you have a small place to work for, then this tool will save the space. This great small tool cuts clean.

  • It contains collection bag, inbuilt mini rotor-driven dust collection fan, and safety push blocks which is of a free pair.
  • The work area remains free from dust due to 2-1/2” dust port.
  • You can enjoy fully adjustable fence with stops along with clean cuts because of the presence of two-knife HSS cutter head.
  • The speed of cutter head is 10,000 RPM and per minute 20,000 cuts.
  • It is the single-phase tool and motor is of 1-1/2 horsepower with 12 amps. The volt is 110.
  • It is useful for planning of the surface, cutting off the angles and jointing of the edge.

You can efficiently keep control of the dust and cuttings due to the fitted vacuum system. The accurate control of cutting depth is possible due to fine-adjust infeed table knob. Enjoy the utterly modifiable fence along with stops.


4. POWERTEC BJ600 Bench JointerPOWERTEC BJ600 Bench Jointer

You will find built-in dust collection in this POWERTEC Bench Jointer. It will keep your table surface clean and feed progressively. Just like glass, your surface will cut more smoothly. You will experience the significant result of the chip collector.

  • It features cast iron infeed along with the outfeed table.
  • For chamber and bevel cuts, the cast iron fence is tilted 450 inward and outward.
  • It holds power switch lock which is safe and secure.
  • The wood chips will be removed quickly to a dust bag of full sized because of the featured built-in dust collection.
  • The capacity of cutting depth is maximum 1/8” and cutting width is 6-1/8”.
  • You will enjoy the universal motor of 120V and 60Hz along with 1-3/4 HP.

If you are looking for unique and sturdy surfaces, then this tool will provide you satisfactory results. You will not find dust due to the remarkable chip catcher. You can rely on this quality product. It is apt for small projects or spaces and even for a DIY hobbyist.


5. Cutech 40160H-CT 6″ Spiral Cutter head JointerCutech 40160H-CT 6 Spiral Cutter head Jointer

Cutech presents bench top spiral cutter head jointer which is meant for the professionals holding limited shop space or the budget-minded beginners. You will enjoy a great finish due to spiral type cutter head.

  • 90-1350 the adjustable fence can be easily tilted.
  • For replacing or rotating the cutter tips, this apparatus includes push blocks and tools.
  • The motor is powerful with 120V and ten amps.
  • It holds 12 HSS inserts along with spiral cutter head.
  • The 21/2” dust port helps in reducing the tear out which is possible because of better chip evacuation.
  • You can enjoy great finish due to newly reformed spiral type cutter head that holds 12 two-sided inserts.
  • As per your need, you can level the cast infeed and outfeed tables.
  • For more extended boards, it holds 6” width capacity, and maximum depth capacity is 1/8” along with sports 30” of total table length.

You will find this tool light, sharp and tremendously quiet. In this small package, you will experience colossal performance. Once you align the fence, you can make use of this unit effortlessly. For weekend warriors or small projects, this machine is ideal. It has the potential to rival the big names. If you are looking for the top quality jointer, then this tool is one of the best jointers under 500.


6. Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch MIDI-Bench JointerDelta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch MIDI-Bench Jointer

Delta power tools deliver this 6″ Midi-bench jointer. Today in woodworking, the Delta power equipment corporation is measured as one of the most esteemed brands. The motor is universal with one phase and 120V along with 12 A and 60 Hz.

  • It provides stability by increasing weight with the help of cast iron construction which is long-lasting. It also helps in decreasing vibration.
  • Exactness-machining of the table and fence confirms the long-term accuracy.
  • You will enjoy perfect jointing due to cast iron fence support system which is strong.
  • At 900 and 450 in and out, the adjustable positive stops because of simple fence adjustment system.
  • The adjustment is easy and simple while changing knives which is possible due to the presence of jackscrew arrangement.
  • It features aluminum cutter head along with two knives. The depth of the cut is 1/8”.

In this product, you will get the variety of tools from the manufacturer. You will have electric table saws, drilling machines, scroll saws, planers, lathes, dust collectors, jointers, grinders, mortisers and much more. In woodworking business, you can quickly create masterpieces with the help of DELTA PEC which emphases on innovations. You can look at your task specifically.   


7. Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch Benchtop JointerGrizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch Benchtop Jointer

With the cast iron table and fence, the Grizzly G0725 is strong enough to deliver high-end jobs. Its single phase, 1-1/2 HP motor creates cutter head speed of 10000 rounds per minute. If you are looking for a heavy-duty jointer that comes with a warranty of lifetime, then go for this woodworking tool.

  • It has full cast iron and steel design. Just the power switch is made of plastic.
  • You can adjust the fence between 450, 900, and 1350 using the adjustment knob.
  • The two-blade build gives maximum depth cut of 1/8”.
  • It has an integrated dust collection system with a dust port of 2.5” which helps you to keep the area clean.
  • You can get a maximum of 20000 CPM through its powerful blades.

If we talk about the dimensions, then we can see that the table has 28-1/2″ x 6-1/4″ size, the fence has 2-7/8″ x 4-5/16″, and the whole machine has an overall size of 15″ x 32.5″ x 11.2″. If your workshop has limited space or if you need a portable jointing power, then the Grizzly G0725 6” jointer is a good benchtop jointer under $500.


  PORTER-CABLE PC160JTGino Development 01-0102Shop Fox W1829POWERTEC BJ600 Cutech 40160H-CT
Motor Voltage
120 Volts
120 Volts
110 Volts
120 Volts
120 Volts
Number of Knives
Cutterhead Spead
11,000 RPM
11,000 RPM
10,000 RPM
10,000 RPM
11,000 RPM
Max. Depth of Cut
1/8 inch
0.55 inch
1/8 inch
1/8 inch
1/8 inch

Explore top-rated jointers for the money

From the product as mentioned above list, you will get the immense idea about jointer under $ 500. You can choose the best jointer under 500 as per your convenience. This post will serve as the profound platform where you will come across the high-quality budget jointers.

Enjoy the efficient results in woodworking task by selecting the piece of equipment following your preference. All the top brands are included in this post. This article aims at fulfilling the requirements of best budget jointer for the readers or users along with satisfactory results.

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