Best Festool Sander – Highly Efficient Dust Removal for Pads & Abrasives

Any DIY enthusiast who works with wood and metal understands the importance of doing a clean job. This is because woodwork usually involves a lot of dust, which needs to be taken care of immediately. Otherwise, it will cause havoc and ruin your project altogether. This dust is also dangerous to health.

If you are a professional, the importance amplifies because leaving dust in your client’s house or workplace is just not cool. It shows a lack of professionalism. It also shows that you don’t really care about doing your job well. This is why sanders are important tools. They help you with dust extraction and ensure that you finish what you started.

Now, when we speak of sanders, one name keeps popping up. That’s Festool. Festool is a renowned name in the world of power tools with multiple A-class products on the offer. It has quite a few sanders that satisfy different needs. This is why it confuses multiple users. Which one must they choose? If you are in the same dilemma, this article will help you because we have listed our favorites along with their biggest features. Let’s delve deep now!

Best Festool Sander

1. Festool 571897 ETS Random Orbit Sander

Festool 571897 Orbit SanderThe Festool Random Orbit Sander is a compact and ergonomic product that offers excellent flexibility. It has outstanding specifications that make it one of the most bought Festool items today. Here’s a peek at what they are:

  • It has a vibration control system that teams up with its ergonomic grip to give you better grip and comfort during usage. It also reduces fatigue.
  • It is a long-lasting tool, powered by EC TEC brushless motors. It is known for providing seamless and consistent performance. The fact that it is brushless also contributes to decreased wear and tear of the sander.
  • The design makes dust extraction easy and efficient. The dust extraction port measures 27mm.
  • The size of its pad is 5” in diameter.
  • It has carbide-tipped sanding brakes.


2. Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander

Festool 574993 Orbital SanderWhat’s Amazon’s Choice is usually everyone else’s choice too. The Festool 574993 is no exception. It is designed to fit any hand and provide the highest level of comfort during your projects. What else does it have in store for you? You are going to find out:

  • It is perfect for overhead and vertical use because it is lightweight and portable.
  • The diameter of the dust extraction connection is 1 1/16 inches.
  • The sanding pad is interchangeable and has a diameter of 5 inches.
  • It offers step-less variable speed. This means that you can adjust its working based on the application.
  • Its Jetstream design offers highly efficient dust removal. It also ensures a longer pad and abrasive life.
  • It also has a balanced vibration stop design that promises smooth operation and excellent finish.


3. Festool 575039 ETS EC 150/3Q Random Orbit Sander

Festool 575039 Orbit SanderThis Festool power tool is our favorite for overhead sanding work and to get those edges smoothened. It
is compact and very easy to use, even if one has small hands. Read on to find out its features:

  • It offers step-less speed preselection.
  • The speed remains constant even when the load increases.
  • It works on the EC technology that ensures long life and durability.
  • The sanding pad brake has a carbide tip for additional safety.
  • The sanding stroke is 3mm.
  • It has automatic dust control.
  • It also has the power to detect extraction and vibration, thereby offering better control.


4. Festool 575074 Rotex Dual Mode Sander

Festool 575074 Dual-Mode SanderMake way for another Amazon’s Choice Festool power tool! This one will blow your mind with its features, and that’s why, even though it is priced slightly higher than the others, it is worth every penny. Let’s explore its specifications and features now:

  • It is like a kit with 3 tools in one. It lets you complete jobs of coarse sanding, fine sanding, and the final polishing.
  • Its motion is eccentric, which means you will enjoy scratch-free results. The speed of this motion is 3300 to 6800 opm.
  • It comes with a Festool protector that lets you sand off the edges smoothly. Its rotary motion allows efficient material removal.
  • Thanks to the mobile dust extractor, you don’t even have to worry about brushing the workspace after you finish your job.


5.Festool 201221 RTS 400 REQ Orbital Rectangular Sander

Festool 201221 Rectangular SanderAffordable, powerful, and durable, this model is for professional use and DIY use alike. It satisfies sanding, and dust extraction needs quite wonderfully, and we absolutely love how handy it is. Here’s a peek into its specifications:

  • It weighs only 2.5 lbs. This means vertical work and overhead work are a piece of cake. Also, you can bid a happy goodbye to fatigue with this power tool.
  • It has Festool’s MMC electronics that make it smooth even for the finest of tasks. It also has 25% more power than its older counterparts.
  • It has a rubberized over-grip for comfort.
  • It comes with many attractive features that any professional would love. These include a protector for the pad and for the adjacent surfaces, which usually get damaged during projects.
  • Its capture bag is large and reusable.


Festool has indeed emerged as one of the best in the power tools department. Plus, it is here to stay. As
you can see from our list, it has a wide variety of sander options for you to pick from. We advise that you
compare them and crosscheck your needs before purchasing.

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