Grizzly Benchtop Jointer Review | Grizzly G0725 Detailed

Jointers play the crucial role in the woodworking task. If you are eager to gain information about the jointer, then in this article I will talk about the Grizzly Benchtop Jointer review so that you acquire the in-depth awareness of the Grizzly G0725.

Grizzly Benchtop Jointer Review

What is Grizzly G0725?

Grizzly G0725 works as the jointer which you will find low-priced, light and portable. It holds the length of 6” so the lumber that measures width and length of 6 inches will find this jointer appropriate. This piece of equipment can very well handle the big jobs.

Features of Grizzly Benchtop Jointer

  • The motor of this jointer is of single phase, and the Horsepower is 1-1/2, and the Volt is 110. The tool weighs 80 lbs.
  • It holds cast iron tables along with center-mounted cast iron fence.
  • 28-1/2” x 6-1/4” is the size of the table and the dimension of the fence is 22-7/8” x 4-5/16”. The fence stops at 450,900,1350.
  • It contains two cutter head knives, and the speed of it is 10,000 RPM.
  • The cutter head cuts per minute 20,000 and the depth of the cut is 1/8”.
  • It features infeed table adjustment knob along with 450 level adjustment.


After discussing the features let’s move on to the advantages of Grizzly Jointer.

What are the qualities of Grizzly Benchtop Jointer?

  • It is strong enough to tackle big jobs.
  • It can quickly and conveniently adjust knives.
  • You will find it affordable and light in weight.
  • It is moveable and will not occupy much space in the workplace as it is small in size.
  • The cast iron table and fence are durable.
  • It can go up to 6-inch-wide timber.

All these are the benefits of employing Grizzly Jointer. As every aspect has two sides so after talking over the positive side, I will throw light on the cons of the same.

What issues can you face with Grizzly G0725?

  • At times the screws can get tight.
  • The table is not flat.
  • The dust port is small.
  • You may face little complexity in the fence.

In which areas Grizzly G0725 is not suitable?

  • Workers looking for leveled timber which is more than 6”.
  • Will not serve as tremendously precise and parallel jointer.
  • Not intended for helical cutter head and production type jointer.

Final thought

If you are new to woodworking, then this article will prove to be beneficial to you. Here you are served with the immense knowledge and understanding of the GFbelt rizzly 6 jointer which will make your woodworking task easy, simple, comfortable and efficient. To enjoy the portable jointing power, you can carry it to the job site. You will find this mechanism of sound quality which is easy to maintain and use.

From this article, you will come to know about the Grizzly Jointer reviews which will effortlessly guide you in your woodworking task. Enjoy your projects by making use of Grizzly Jointer. All the features of the tool will provide quality control to the users.

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