How to Joint Boards Without a Jointer? – A Helpful Guide

Are you willing to joint boards without a jointer? If yes, then here you will find the platform to learn about joining boards without a jointer. Isn’t it great to know that you don’t have to depend on jointer anymore as there are a couple of alternative methods which will guide you for the same?  

So let’s move ahead to explore the techniques of joining the boards without a jointer as it will make your woodwork simple and easy.

How to Join Two Pieces of Wood Without a Jointer?

There are two methods joining boards without a jointer. The first one is with the help of the router, and the other one is employing the table saw.

Method-1: Make use of router

You can make use of router in two ways either handheld or with the help of the table. Now let’s discuss the importance of both the approaches.

  • Role of the hand-held router- You can make use of it in joining the long and heavy boards. By the bit, you can decide the method. It would be great if you construct a jointing jig to enjoy straight router bit. The router can ride smoothly on it. On the board, you can fix the jig and fasten the router on the top of the workpiece.

Role of the hand-held router

  • The function of Router table – The split router fence design will handle narrow or thin stock. In the router, you can make straight the outfeed fence by utilizing the cutting edge of a straight bit. Into the spinning bit, you can feed the stock against the infeed fence. On the outfeed side, you can put on the side pressure to the stock once it comes closer to the end.

function of Router table

Method-2: On a table saw

In this method, you will find two techniques of jointing – usage of the table saw only or by the market-made jig.

  • Use of table saw- If you are planning to use the only table saw then the boards you have to joint should be adequately marked. Turn over the board and split off so that you can join the first board on a left-tilt saw. Ensure you cleft 1/15” of the edge. Now for the middle board to enjoy the finishing of the second side, you can perform the task of turning over by breaking the left margin. Without overturning you can split the left edge of the last board.

Use of table saw

  • With the help of jig- To the table, you should set square the saw blade. You will find that the jig can ride against the saw fence or it can be apt for the miter slot. If you are willing to secure the rough timber, then you can cut the sled that holds the plywood base along with two toggle clamps.

With the help of jig

By following the two above mentioned methods, you can enjoy your woodwork independently at home as it will guide you to join boards without a jointer. From this informative post you will get theoretical knowledge but if you want to enjoy excellent results then perform the task of joining boards without the jointer practically.

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