Porter Cable PC160JT Benchtop Jointer Review (2019 Update)

If you’re keen on woodwork, you will be aware of a tool called jointer. However, if you’re new to the woodworking world and want to get the best possible tools, read on to understand what a jointer is, followed by our porter cable jointer review, one of the best jointers available in the market today.

Porter Cable Jointer Review

What really is a jointer?

A jointer is a tool used in woodworking to flatten surfaces on a wooden surface. It can also be used in straightening out the misshapen or crooked pieces of timber and smoothing out its edges. There are different types of jointers available, among which benchtop jointers are also present. By definition, a benchtop jointer is a jointer that is relatively smaller in size and is used by people to work on small scale projects.

Before you get enthusiastic and order a random benchtop jointer to start working on your project, the kind of benchtop jointer you require should be clear to you. While factors that relate directly to functionality are important, many other factors also matter while determining the benchtop jointer that you think would be ideal for your home development projects. Here are a few factors that you should definitely keep in mind while selecting a benchtop jointer:

  • It is definitely a fact that well-known brands will have spare parts and accessories more readily available in hardware stores or online. You can also get a good and reliable warranty with a well-known brand as compared to new and upcoming brands. However, the popularity of a brand does not always guarantee that it will be of top quality. Every brand has different features and different functionality.
  • The fence of a benchtop jointer should enable you to adjust the angles and positions of your material, allowing you to work more smoothly and comfortably. A benchtop jointer with a quickly adjustable fence is the best in terms of long-term use.
  • To find yourself a jointer at a reasonable price, you should look through all the different deals that are available and compare the specifications of those products. Exercises like this will help you look for the best benchtop jointer for you with an equal balance of affordability and efficiency. However, the price of the product should not be the sole factor in determining its quality, value, and efficiency.
  • Other factors: Length of bed, cutting depth and ability to collect dust.


Porter Cable PC160JT Jointer Review

The benchtop jointer we are reviewing in this article is manufactured by Porter Cable, specifically PC160JT, which gives a performance that no other benchtop jointer can come close to. This porter cable bench jointer has many power packed features that definitely make its usage and performance world class.

Features of Porter Cable PC160JT

  • Porter Cable is a benchtop jointer with the aluminium fence and 35 lbs. weight.
  • It has 2 knives with the cutter head speed of 6K to 11K RPM.
  • It provides the great speed of cutting per minute of 12K to 22K cuts. The motor power is 10A / 1.4 horsepower.
  • Its extra-large table with the size of 30-inch can be your helping hand as it makes the work accessible by surfacing the stock around six inches wide.
  • Porter Cable gives the ease of changing knives and adjustment of fences. It also allows variable speed as well as deep cutting adjustment.
  • It is a perfect instrument for edging, flattening, and face jointing; with the warranty of 3 years.
  • It can straighten the board two times longer than the length of the jointer. The variable speed can give you the privilege to operate your work piece in the best possible manner.

The following points will show you why this porter cable jointer is the best in the league:

  • Amazing performance- The ease of operation that you can experience while on this porter cable bench jointer is its very strong advantage. When you use this jointer, you can be assured of every project being operated in a consistent and smooth manner thanks to the fence and dual cutting head present in this product.
  • Easy replacement and adjustment- The projects that are made using this jointer have proper structure and are finished in no time; partly because of the easy replacement and adjustment of a few elements of the jointer whenever required. For eg, you can choose how fast/ slow you want to work from the variable speed range in the jointer to work on your projects.
  • Exceptional quality- The porter cable jointer is very resilient and durable, apt for long-term usage. Considering the price of this jointer, we can definitely say that it is worthwhile to have this product of great quality and execution.


However, just like there are benefits and detriments to everything, this  porter cable benchtop jointer has a few shortcomings as well. They are:

  • The table top is not durable due to the low quality aluminum material used.
  • The fence has to be re-squared whenever you make an adjustment, which is extremely difficult thanks to the way the fence has been designed.
  • The fence has a tendency to drift whenever you secure it.

This jointer has proven to have an excellent record based on its performance. It is also very reasonably priced at the moment, making it the best product for people who need an affordable benchtop jointer that gives high performance for home use.

For someone who is still figuring out how to work on a benchtop jointer, this porter cable jointer is a phenomenal product. You can create high-grade quality of work with much easier execution on this jointer, allowing you to make great projects without stressing out too much.

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