Ridgid JP0610 Jointer Review – Know More About Trending Jointer

If you are reading this article, you already realize the value of a jointer in a workshop. It allows you to buy rough cut lumber which, is cheaper than purchasing lumber from your big-box stores. It also got a perfect edge on your wood. So it takes out any kind of error that you might have in the wood. Ultimately, it is a very useful tool.

As you know, I have recently reviewed benchtop jointers of 2017. In this article, I am discussing another woodworking tool from Ridgid. There is a six and an eight-inch jointer – Ridgid 6-1/8 jointer (Model JP0610)

Ridgid Jointer Review

Typically when you want to even out a board on both sides, you will want to use a jointer and plane on one side until it’s nice and flat. Then you take the board to a thickness planer to flatten the opposite side. If you do this, you will end up with a board with two completely flat spots on both sides, but each side may not be entirely parallel with the opposite side.

  • This jointer is not the entry-level model. There are plenty of other smaller joints out there you can get for a lot less cash, and it’s not a high-end industrial model either.
  • It comes with 1 horsepower motor. It is wired for 120 or 12 amps, and you can also rewire for 240 volts.
  • The blades are 6 & 8 inches, and the jointer uses three of them making 10350 cuts per minute.
  • Like a good sized bed with a longish infeed and outfeed tables, it fits somewhere in the lower end of the middle road, with the combined length of 45 inches.
  • It comes with a pair of push blocks to help you with running the board through the jointer. Also, the blades can be re-sharpen, change blade and that’s a good thing as it is economical.
  • It also comes with a little accessory to help you square up the fence. But professionals suggest not using the supplied attachment as it’s not square. It’s close, but it’s off enough that it can impact your work if you need exact 90-degree angles.
  • The push blocks and the angle gauge have built-in storage on the right side of the jointer, so you are ready at all times.
  • The jointer provided excellent results and created smooth flat boards after several passes. It leaves an attractive smooth finish, and nothing else is required if you plan it with the Ridgid jointer planer.


Few ‘Negative-Positive’ Aspects

  • Apart from all these amazing specifications; there are some issues. It has a 4-inch vacuum port. Although, it’s not perfect as some of the dust does make its way outside and onto the bottom of the unit. This is because few open gaps aren’t completely sealing a jointer and also there is a big open gap in the front. Some of the dust makes its way out to the back, and some of it stays on the top.
  • It still does an excellent job at suction. What does make it out on the floor is about 1% of the dust that gets created. So, that’s pretty good. But yes, if you don’t connect it to the dust collector, forget about it as you will have a significant colossal mess everywhere in no time!
  • One more thing you may not like about the jointer is that the dust chute has some large open slots at the bottom. The reason they are there is because the dust chute is the motor mount and these slots are there so that the motor can be bolted down. And so, you can slide the motor to the sides to adjust a belt tension.
  • This jointer doesn’t assemble – you will need to put it together all by yourself. It is also cumbersome around 213 pounds. So you will need some help putting it together and even when it comes to lifting this large and heavy cast-iron bed and placing it on the top of the assembled stand. Putting it together is relatively easy. The instructions are excellent.

At last, I want to say that this machine is pretty darn massive. You have to go to the market and buy a mobile tool base if you want to have some sort of mobility with this joiner.

Ridgid JP0610 Review

You may get everything finely when it comes to cutting, sanding, and finishing the project. But when it came to putting everything together, many of the boards didn’t line up, and even though you get everything to work out in the end, it wasn’t without the hassle as many of the boards might be warped.

So, that’s precisely where a jointer comes in! With a Ridgid jointer, you can fix any imperfection on lumber, and you can turn any wart board flat. When you put the boards on the jointer to even everything out, it will inevitably turn out that all the boards flat on both sides, making it very easy to put all the pieces together for the dual. Use Ridgid biscuit joiner to join two finished pieces of beautiful wood together. They can make your project a masterpiece.


  • 1 HP TEFC induction, 12/6 Amps, 120 V / 240 V
  • Knives – Three HSS
  • Cuts per minute – 10350
  • Bed Length – 15 inches
  • Maximum Planing Width – 6-1/8 inches
  • Maximum Depth-of-Cut/Pass – 1/8 inches
  • Rabbet Capacity – ½ inches
  • Tool Weight – 213 lbs.
  • Heavy Gauge Wide Stance Cabinet
  • Convenient Dust Port
  • Built-in Sawdust Collection Port
  • Onboard Tool Storage, Cast Iron Bed
  • Dual Bevel Fence – With stops at 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 135 degrees
  • Retail price at the time of review – $800 excluding shipping charge

Many people think that they do not want jointer. They can use their hands and solve their purposes, and it is not necessary at the most of the time. But when you start practicing your woodworking, you will not get a long time to realize that a lot of wood pieces are considerably distorted. So keep using Ridgid jointer & planer and create more!

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